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Bangladesh Ordnance Factories (BOF) is the largest military–industrial complex of Bangladesh Army; situated in Gazipur which produces arms, ammunition, and equipment for the Bangladesh Military.

The current Commandant of Bangladesh Ordnance Factories is Major General Sheikh Mamun Khaled,SUP, rcds, psc, PhD


Establishment of Bangladesh Ordnance Factory commenced in 1968 with the technical and financial assistance of Peoples Republic of China. It was inaugurated on 6 April 1970. Although it suffered considerable damage during the War of Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, its capabilities have been restored and expanded since then. In 1982-1983 BMR (Balancing,Modernization,Replacement)works started which was completed in 1987.After the BMR the yearly production target of the factory was determined to be 2500 rifles and 15million ammunition per annum. Project on establishment of ‘Automatic Assault Rifle BD-08’ factory was under taken in 2004-2005 and it was successfully implemented in the year 2008.[1]


Initially BOF was set up with technologies machines, equipment and support facilities from China, but gradually technology transfers from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany & Italy were added. BOF now boasts a mix of conventional and state of the art computerized controlled processes/systems for manufacturing.


It currently operates the following factories.[2]

  1. Small Arms Factory
  2. Small Arms Ammunition Factory
  3. Grenade Manufacturing Factory
  4. Artillery Ammunition Factory
  5. Tools Manufacturing Plant


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