Bangladesh Film Censor Board

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Bangladesh Film Censor Board
Formation 1977
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Region served
Official language
Website Bangladesh Film Censor Board

Bangladesh Film Censor Board is a regulatory agency that is responsible for the censorship of movies and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1]


The censor board was set up in 1977 following the framing of Bangladesh Censorship of Film Rules.[1] The agency is responsible for the censorship of locally produced movies, foreign imports and acts as the registration of film clubs in Bangladesh.[2] Martuza Ahmed the secretary of Ministry of Information is the ex-officio Chairman of the Board.[3] The board in 2015 blocked My Bicycle, the first chakma language (a minority language) in Bangladesh.[4] The Censor also blocked a movie about the Rana Plaza building collapse in which more than a thousand garment workers died.[5][6] A movie was banned where the villain wore a Mujib coat, a style associated with the founding president of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujib.[7]


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